Dishwasher Repair Brisbane


The following are just a few of the common symptoms that we can repair.  If your valued appliance is still under warranty then we can help with that too as an Authorised Warranty Agent for the brands listed.  If repair is deemed uneconomical we can then provide you with competitive pricing to supply and install a new Dishwasher for your convenience.

  • Door not latching, handle or facia broken
  • Dishwasher tripping power during operation
  • Appliance lights up but does not complete cycles
  • Error displayed on panel
  • No function at all but you have checked the power outlet is working



Handy Hint:

Make sure the drain filter is been emptied and cleaned regularly.  Run a descaler/cleaner through your appliance to prevent build up of debris in the spray arms and drainage system.



To book a service we require the Brand, Model and Serial Number to aid in diagnosis, or simply fill in our Job Booking Form and our Service Department will contact you.